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International Courier Company Ireland
Mission Statement

…Driven by customer satisfaction without short cutting service, ASAP Couriers strives to reinforce client confidence in order to deliver peace of mind…

What makes you select one courier service over another?

We believe it’s a combination of speed, accuracy and attitude. Like a lot of courier companies, we’ve got speed and accuracy down to a science: Our international couriers are performance-rewarded (so speed is assured) and armed with two-way direct connect radios, which keep packages moving in the right direction. We hire only the best, which means informed, personable people with personality, not an attitude.

To complement our speed you can order your package online at a time that suits you.

Our computer systems are also designed to meet your accounting needs.

For example, if you bill your courier charges to your clients, we can sort your bill by client references and generate a summary page of accumulated charges for each reference. If you need to bill your client before the end of the billing cycle, we can mail, deliver, or fax an interim bill for your current charges for the month. All of these features will save your company hours of bookkeeping time.

Special Services
  • Passport collection
  • Visa
  • Tenders
  • Bank Lodgements
  • Embassy
  • “Next flight out”
  • Subpoenas
  • “Need it now”

Give us the opportunity and we will satisfy all of your courier needs.